About Alayed Hoses Factory

Alayed Hoses Factory established in 1976 located in the second industrial city in Riyadh –Saudi Arabia. We were the first manufacture of the Hoses in the whole GCC Countries. When we realized the demand of high quality and standard hoses at the lowest cost lower then, what was imported from overseas countries such as Germany and Italy.

AL AYED HOSES FACTORY believes that the first quality P.V.C With the suitable amount of additives produced by the highest technology machines provide trusted product and brand. By maintaining the weight and thickness along with using the best high tenacity yarn that stand for heavy- duty purposes will qualify us to get biggest market share in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia which by year of 2007 reached 82%. We do believe in the high demand in the market which explain how we have annual growth of 42% every year.

We guarantee our product to live as long as possible. e.g. In the worst condition, our products have passed it very hard duties that exist in Saudi Arabia of high heat and dryness which makes it reliable at any other of the world.